so Im about adding traditional sketches as an option for commission?


A couple traditional doodles ‘cause I don’t get to draw as often as I like
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Some CliffCee for bara-fluff-queen uvu

This makes me so fucking happy!dnkjsbfj ; v;i’ve been so stressed for the past couple weeks, but THISTHIS MAKES ME HAPPYMY FAVORITE OTPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Drew a sad allie and shoved flowers and butterflies because those are one of the many things that make her happy.
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ah shit, I meant to reply that privately nfkjrbgj hope you’re cool with that being in public.

themanlystanley sent: Yo, awesome art and most of it's OC? This was worth attending lab today. Keep it up!

Aw, thanks, man. The compliment really means a lot! Especially from someone in the same lab njkfdnjg—it was nice seeing everyone’s work!! :)

But yeah, 90% of the time I draw ocs hahah whoops. But I’ve been watching Transformers Prime lately, so I might actually make fanart (which is really rare but, hell, I’m down with this fandom pretty deep now)

Another thing that I need to postThis has been sitting in my folder for awhile, so I might as well post these cheebs of my bbs uwu
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eeee i finally took the time to print out art that were made for me ahh ; v;Now I can always look up on the wall and be inspired every day.UwU—-x x by kosmikartx by katamismx by vestienx by transparensie
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